Sunday 28 February 2016

Cheese Capsicum Wrap

Cheese Capsicum Wrap

For me most confusing question is what to pack in my daughter's lunch box or what to give her when she returns from her tennis or swimming class. I hope most of you mothers will agree with me. So just to get rid of this confusion I normally try to give my every day cooking a twist. Cheese Capsicum Wrap is one such example of our every day food served in a way our kids will enjoy ..

Cheese Capsicum wrap

Paneer Wrap

Preparation Time : 10 -15 Min

Cooking Time : 10 Min

Ingredients :

For 4 Wraps

Procedure :
  • In a pan warm chapati from one side and then flip

  • Arrange cheese capsicum on chapati as shown in pic

  • Place salad leaf on this and roll the chapati like wrap

  • Apply butter on wrap and cook from both side as shown in pic

  • Transfer wrap on a platter and serve it hot with sauce 

Tip :
  • If you want to make it more spicey add a layer of green chutney on chapati
  • You can change the filling according to your taste 

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