Sunday 7 May 2017

My journey with Plattershare

My journey with Plattershare

The day i started my blog it was around 3 years back, at that time i was not having any platform to share my work. I was simply posting my recipes on my facebook profile suddenly one day i got a call from plattershare, i was told that they like my simple and easy recipes and they said that they will like to post and share my recipes.

I hesitated to say ok this as I was not having much knowledge about them. However I accepted their offer and then started sharing my recipes, I was excited as I was getting a platform where I can share my work with like minded people. Very soon I found that my recipes are getting noticed by so many people. The very first thing plattershare gifted me was that people started following my and it was a big recognition for me seeing my recipes published in a magazine which plattershare team Kirti and Ankush made it happen.

It was the starting point after that so many events so many competition were happening and whatever was happening Kirti and team always I invited me to be part and I was getting recognition and appreciation I was loving it. Not only this I was getting introduced to new friends and new bloggers on this platform. Not only this the humility this team is carrying is exemplary, they don't hesitate to publish link of blogs and give good freedom to express our thoughts. This is what I feel for great for plattershare

Good things about plattershare 

1. Got introduced to new like minded people and came to know about their journey, experience and learning. They publish about celebrities, but for the people who are not celebrities, they are also treated nicely with due credit

2. I got exposed to new techniques. Being a north Indian, I was less aware of techniques of south and western ways. I could pick these comfortably once I started interacting with them

3. Plattershare allow us to promote our blog which is normally not done by many. This shows that they are giving due credit and are not taking away an individuals identity

Improvement Ideas

1. I miss many of their events as maximum are happening in Bangalore. I wish they grow fast and have PAN India presence at the earliest so that we get more exposure

2. There should be more meets planned with bloggers and chefs. Virtual meets to become physical meets so that learning opportunities can multiply

3.  Website has though improved a lot, however if new features get added further it would become more interesting and interactive

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