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Peach Ice Tea


Peach Ice Tea 

As a content creator, it tends to get difficult to find inspiration on a regular basis. I felt that the quality of my posts were becoming stagnant and there lacked opportunities for me to grow solely based on the page. I was therefore actively seeking opportunities to explore and learn more, 'Shhh! Cooking Secretly' enters my life at this particular point and proved to be exactly what I was looking for. The group operates in a fun yet organised manner as it lets its members choose a particular theme for every month. Following this decision, the members are paired up in duos as the group encourages a healthy environment of fun and peer learning. To add to the fun element, it was decided that the duo gets to select two secret ingredients that overlap with the theme for their monthly recipe. it also acts as an interesting game for other members as they attempt to guess the ingredients based on the pictures circulated. Finally, these recipes are shared amongst all the members and it helps everyone interact with each other and make the process of creation even more fun.

For this month, we were assigned the theme 'Fear not The bitter'. Suggested by Seema she is the author of a blog titled 'Mildly Indian'. Her blog is full of tempting recipes and my favourite section is her soup and salads

 For this theme I got Mayuri as my partner. She is a darling as this was the first post for me and I was new to this group she guided me like a friend. She has an amazing collection of recipes on her blog 'Mayuri Jikoni'. I would love to try her Italian Sesame seeds cookies. For this specific theme I gave her Coffee as a secret ingredient and even I am am a coffee lover so waiting for her recipe eagerly. She came up with an Italian dessert Affogato it looks amazing and its so simple and just 3 ingredients are needed and 2 optional ingredients. Best part is you can serve then in a small portions if you are a diet conscious.

So for the Theme she decided Green Tea and Sugar to be the secret ingredient that would be used in my recipe. The first idea that came in my mind was to experiment with Japanese Matcha Green Tea as it provides a huge range and variety of dishes that can be experimented with, and so with that in mind I ordered Matcha Green Tea. My luck however had something else planned for me as the order kept getting delayed and was eventually tampered. With mere 15 days left for my deadline, I wracked my brain to come up with an idea that involves green tea, is feasible to make and is something dear to me.

That very moment, I was reminded of my intrigue for the then newly released Lipton Peach Ice Tea powder mix and right there I had the inspiration for this recipe. Peach Ice Tea reminds me of my childhood as Lipton had recently released their powdered mixture and it became a topic of interest across all households. This theme, secret ingredient and recipe therefore helped me make something tangible out of my childhood intrigue. This recipe is therefore my childhood aspirations personified in a drink.Another interesting factor about this recipe is the colour. Usually, Peach Ice Teas are supposed to use overly ripe and red peaches to bring out the gorgeous sunset colour present in most drinks with peaches, my recipe however lacks that rich pigment as I used peaches that were green in colour but full with flavour. The perfect combination of flavour present in the peach made me compromise appearance over taste and I decided to go ahead with a green peach. Despite its dull brown colour the idea tea was the perfect refreshing drink I needed that summer afternoon. 

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Preparation Time : 10 Min

Cooking Time : 10 to 15 min

Ingredients :

  • Peaches 4 to 5 preferred ripen. Mine is not so ripe so colour is not as expected 
  • Sugar 2 Table spoon
  • Tea bags 2, I used green tea
  • Ice cubes
  • Water 4 cup
Procedure : 

To make Peach puree
  • Try to take nice red colour and ripe peaches, cut them into slices
  • In a sauce pan add Sugar, sliced peaches and a cup of water.
  • Cook them for 10 to 12 minutes with lid on medium flame. Till the peaches are soft and cooked and water is less then half
  • Cool this. Now transfer the ingredients in a mixer and blend it in as puree
  • Now transfer this in a jar. If you want your syrup to be with out lumps either blend it nicely or strain it. I like some pieces of peaches in my ice tea so I coarsely grind it.
  • Keep this aside
For Tea 
  • Take a 2 1/2 cup of water in a pan or a kettle 
  • Boil the water now add tea bags and switch off the gas.
  • Rest the tea bags in pan for 5 minutes
  • Once the tea is ready allow it to cool down now add peach puree to this. And keep this mixture in a refrigerator. 
  • Ice it as required
For Ice Tea :
  • Take a glass add ice cubes along with some mint leaves and peach slices
  • Now our your tea and peach puree mixture in a glass
  • Garnish with mint leaves and enjoy

Tips : 
  1. You can add sugar according to your taste
  2. Prefer to use ripe peaches for nice colour and flavour 
  3. You can add lemon juice also if you want

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  1. Meera, who cares about the colour of the peach iced tea. The ready made ones probably have food coloring to give that glowing orangey colour. Though brownish, your drink is is full of fresh peach and green tea flavour.

  2. Lovely version of iced tea with peaches. Perfect for summers. I love your presentation too. Looks so refreshing and inviting.

  3. Wonderful recipe of Peach Iced tea with fresh peaches... can image how flavourful cooling and refreshing this must have been.. wonderful share.. will try your recipe soon.

  4. Beautifully presented dish Meera. Such a refreshing drink made with fresh fruit and no preservatives or color is always welcome. I wish I could pick up a glass off the screen.

  5. The peach iced tea looks super refreshing and delightful! Love the colour and the fact that you have used fresh peaches here..

  6. Wow love the Ice Tea and specially when it is so different and unique. Colour is okay, the shop ones might have added colours and home one do no have. Perfect for summers.

  7. Wow! I am in love with the delicious peach iced tea. I definitely m going to look our for peaches this season. Will definitely enjoy tea.

  8. Chilled drink with peaches and green tea looks so refreshing and delicious. Always in search for some refreshing drinks in summer. Now your recipe is in my list to try soon.

  9. I love ice tea and this one with peaches and green tea is such a refreshing and flavorful drink ! Perfect treat for Summers.

  10. As I read this post, I realize there are some peaches sitting in my sister's pantry and this might be an amazing idea to use it up. I love iced tea and this one looks right up the alley... Welcome to the group, by the way! :)

  11. Peach iced tea is so refreshing and Delish. Absolutely incredible drink with all the fruity flavours. Chilled tea is always welcome.

  12. Peach ice tea looks very fancy with inviting presentation. It's very cooling, refreshing and perfect for hot weather.Like to keep some pieces of peaches in this ice tea.

  13. Peach ice tea looks very fancy with inviting presentation. It's very cooling, refreshing and perfect for hot weather.Like to keep some pieces of peaches in this ice tea.

  14. Peached ice tea ,I first tasted when I visited US . I loved the subtle sweet flavor of peaches infused with green tea and flavor of lemon. A refreshing and hydrating drink for scorching summer

  15. Love the flavour of the tea that you have made Meera. Love peach and this tea must be exquisite. Glad to have you in this group.

  16. Peach Ice tea looks so refreshing and make a perfect cooler for hot summer days. Would love to try it and bookmarking the recipe.

  17. Peach iced tea looks so refreshing and inviting drink. Lovely presentation and I wish to grab a glass now.


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