Thursday 2 July 2015

Melon Chiller

Melon Chiller

Chilled Melon drink can be served to pamper your near and dears......

Serves : 4

Preparation Time : 7 Min

Cooking Time : 0 Min

Ingredients :

  • 1 Cantaloupe Melon 
  • 10-15 Mint leves
  • Sugar syrup 2 Tablespoon (or according to taste)
  • Lemon juice 2 tablespoon
  • 200 Ml chilled soda
  • Crushed ice cubes
For Garnishing:
  • Few melon balls
  • Few mint leaves
  • Lemon wedges
  • Few Cherries
Procedure :
  • For Sugar syrup add 5 Tablespoon of sugar in 1/2 cup of water and mix it well. 
  • Now in mixer add melon cubes, mint leaves, sugar syrup, lemon juice and blend it well 

  • Now with the help of a stainer, stain the juice and keep side

  • Take a glass add crushed Ice, few mint leaves , small lemon wedges, melon ball and a cherry as shown in picture

  • Now fill glass half with the melon juice and top up with chilled soda

  • Melon chiller is ready serve it and enjoy it ....

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