Sunday 13 February 2022

Strawberry Compote with White Chocolate Panna Cota

Strawberry Compote with White Chocolate Panna Cota

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we all are in a different stage at out love lives and have very different expectations from this hyped day. We could either be Monica and Chandler, who are in their happiest and most stable relationship and want to spend the day with each other, even if it involves lying to our best friends. Or maybe we are Monica and Chandler before they fell in love with each other and are simply awkward and desperate for love. We can also be part of a highly volatile yet passionate relationship, like that of Ross and Rachel's and just want to spend a day surrounded with roses and a jealous boyfriend. Or maybe we are Joey Tribianni and would rather spend our Valentine's Day with a tub of delicious jam. Either way, this recipe is for you, no matter which character you are feeling today.

Unspoken theme of valentine has always been red, white and chocolate. So in this recipe, we combine all three. For this dessert, I combined two different recipes. The first recipe is a Strawberry Compote, that embraces the taste of sweet, sour and tangy strawberries. The perfect combination, really. The current season is also the perfect time to savour fresh strawberries and the recipe can be the perfect excuse for you to buy strawberries. This compote is very versatile and can go with any dish, ranging from muffins to ice cream. This recipe is simply a Joey. Our second recipe is a White Chocolate Pannacotta. A recipe that encapsulates the very chocolaty essence of Valentine's Day in its rich and creamy taste. It is the perfect representation of a dessert and the best way to end this romantic day. Combined together, we get our current recipe that is the perfect mixture of rich and creamy chocolate and sweet and tangy strawberries and thus the best way to culminate the 14th of February. So, no matter where you are at life, and irrespective of how you feel about the socially imposed romantic day, this recipe would be your perfect companion to Valentine's Day.

Preparation Time : 30 Min 

Resting Time : 1 hour

Cooking time : 20 Min

Ingredients : 

For Strawberry Sauce : 

  • Strawberry 500 grams
  • Sugar 1/2 cup
  • Lemon juice 1 tablespoon

For White chocolate Panna Cota :  

  • Full cream milk 1 cup
  • Amul Fresh cream 250 ml
  • Sugar 3 tablespoon
  • White chocolate compound 60 gm chopped
  • Agar Agar 1 tablespoon
  • Vanila essence few drops
  • Mint leaves for garnishing 
Procedure : 

For Strawberry Compote : 
  • First take fresh strawberries wash them and dry them. Now cut them into four pieces 

  • Now take a heavy Bottom saucepan, add cut strawberries, along with sugar and lemon juice. 

  • Toss them on medium flame. Keep stirring the mixture till the sugar is melted completely 

  • Continue to cook the strawberries mixture till it is tender and sauce has thickened 

  • After sometime you will notice that the mixture has bubbles and it start thickened. it seems sauce is done. close the gas
  • Allow sauce to cool down. Now shift it into a jar and refrigerate it and use as desired 

You can have this with toast, ice cream, dessert or anything 

For White chocolate dessert : 
  • Take a heavy bottom pam add milk, cream, sugar, agar agar and chopped chocolate. 

  • Mix them, Now simmer them over low fame for 3 to 5 minutes till it is smooth. 

  • Pour them in moulds or dessert glasses 

  • allow them to set for an hour
Presentation :

  • Demould your dessert on a plate, add some strawberry sauce to it garnish with mint leaves and enjoy 

  • Or in a glass spread a layer of strawberry sauce add some fresh strawberry and mint leaves . Ready to impress your loved once 

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