Tuesday 12 January 2016

Penang Curry by Green Ladle

Penang Curry by Green Ladle

Usually I wrote about ways to make exotic food in easy and simple way by using easily available ingredients. You will agree with me we all have a chef inside us who wants to prepare something special for our nears and dears but due to lack of confidence of cooking we are unable to do that ...

Few days back one of my friend Anu introduced me to a very beautiful concept of a culinary portal that delivers the finest quality of pre-portioned ingredients and recipes so that you can enjoy home-cooking of global cuisines and surprise your friends and family with your culinary skills.

When she explained this concept, I felt is it really so. Are the ingredients fresh, if portions are well balanced then I ordered one and really I was surprised by the quality of ingredients they are so fresh, clean and recipe is so well explained.

I am sharing my Experience of Penang Curry with Green Ladle....

Cooking Time : 25 - 30 Min

Video : 

Ingredients : 

Box from Green Ladle which is filled with all the ingredients needed for preparing Penang Curry

  • 3 Tablespoon Laska paste
  • 5 - 6 Kaffir lime leaves
  • 1 Tablespoon Chopped Galangal
  • Packet of chopped vegetables
  • 1 Stick lemon grass
  • 1 Tablespoon crushed peanuts
  • 180 gm Coconut powder
  • 1 Teaspoon chilly flakes
  • 1 Lemon

Procedure :
  • Add coconut milk powder with 300ml of water and keep aside

In a pan take 75 ml of water add Laksa paste in it and boil it in a pan

  • Add chopped galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and boil it for 5 -6 minutes

  • Now add vegetables like broccoli, carrot, baby corn and cook for 5 minutes

  • Now add zucchini and mushrooms 

  • Now add coconut milk powder to this and cook for 10 -12 minutes

  • Finish it by adding few drops of lemon juice, Chinese cabbage and crushed peanuts

  • Sprinkle some chilly flakes and serve it with steamed rice

This way Green Ladle helps you in making exotic world food in an easy and simple way in your kitchen

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